meng Schildersysteme

Your leading guidance system specialist

Orientation is becoming more important in a complex world. Systems that inform and guide guests and visitors in the right direction and safely to their goals are called for.

With our architect related orientation and guidance systems, we set innovative accents. As one of the leading guidance system specialists in Europe, we develop tailored solutions for individual projects together with customers, architects, agencies, planners and designers. Always with an eye for details, aesthetic quality and consistent design. Because our signposting concepts transport not only information but also the Image of your company.
In order to ensure this quality with short delivery times, we offer our in-house development and production. In addition, 16 customer consultants in all of Germany and further 12 sales partners in Europe are available at any time when it comes to consulting, planning, draft, realisation, assembly or the maintenance of our signs, guidance and orientation systems.
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