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Coolisse - multifunctional shelf

The stage for your creativity

How do you present all your media in one space saving element?

The Coolisse is an innovative concept, which leaves a lot of room for creativity, without dominating the available space. It is a stage for your creativity where medial elements are quickly and easily interchangeable – almost tool free.

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The simple plug-in construction in post-and-beam design can be set up virtually without tools within a very short time. To stabilize tension within the structure, merely a wrench is needed. Its speed and flexibility makes it ideal for events and temporary exhibitions.

Within the construction depth of 20 cm, the coolisse can present all forms of media. Starting with printed media, media players or serving as a power station for cell phones and laptops.

Thanks to architectural and DIN-compliant dimensions, the Coolisse adapts to the local conditions. Available room heights, ergonomic viewing angles and accessibility for people with disabilities ultimately determine the shelf height. The free standing, floor mounted coolisse allows for recesses and brochure trays, so that all media is accessible for wheelchair users.

The German industrial standard (DIN) shelf spacing of 420 mm and shelf width are defined through the economical use of materials. The standardized dimensions can be expanded by individual shelf lengths.

■ Individual heights are possible.
■ Wall mounted option
■ Floor mounted option with base or a stable 90° angled partition.
■ Suitable as room divider or noise barrier.
■ Available in silver anodized Aluminium or colour paint
■ Presentation possible from both sides

Modular system

The Coolisse offers an open architecture for a wide variety of applications in exhibitions, visitor areas, waiting rooms, info points and living areas. Components are standardized in the modular concept.

Flatscreens are mounted on sliding panels that allow for an easy change in the backdrop. The displays, with integrated media player, are ready to use and are network compatible. Touch function is optional.

Brochure shelves for printed media. Slanted and available in two sizes.
(A4 or A3)

Poster boards Vertical distance of 420 mm between the grooves in the shelves allow for A4/A3 sized posters (portrait and landscape format) to be inserted either from the side or front.

Pin boards/Noticeboards are made of cork linoleum laminated onto MDF carrier plates.

Glass magnet boards the height of 420 mm and width of 420 mm to 1200 mm is standardized. Delivery includes moremagnets, Neodym-magnets designed by meng.

Soundproofing The coolisse can be used as a sound barrier with either white or printed insulating in-fills. Large sliding elements with individual designs and sound absorbing properties, can add a practical and stylish touch.

Sliding doors can be used as an eye-catcher, a sound barrier and as a privacy screen for brochure stocking materials.

Showcases at a height of 420 mm and depth of 140 mm consist of only three components. The showcase walls are in one piece. Both the sides and base can be decorated according to your individual wish. The glass pane has a standard width, but can be ordered up to 1190 mm and is made of ESG-safety glass.

Backlit slides Transparent slides are put between two glass or Plexiglas panes and can be inserted from the front or sides of the coolisse. Interchangeable and flexible.

Light Separate compartments are indirectly and evenly lighted by energy efficient LEDs. The LED strips are back-mounted magnetically on the bottom of the upper shelf.