meng Schildersysteme

Guiding principle

The Meng philosophy
We have been giving people the certainty to achieve their goals without detours for more than 25 years.
We consider this task to be an obligation to develop architecturally-based guidance and orientation systems. In the fore are ideal work results in all business areas.
We use our economic success to further optimise our systems and services in terms of our client with essential investments in the future.
We are constantly expanding our quality standards to be able to offer our customers the best products and competent consulting. Together with our partners, we consider optimal customer consulting combined with the best system quality in Germany and Europe to be the prerequisite for permanent customer relations. This also includes tolerance, respect, honesty and performance. Values that shape not only our dealings with customers, but also with suppliers, employees and sales partners.
Design as a success factor
The combination of innovative technology and unmistakeable design has always been one of our significant features. We create the basis for our success with our in-house product development and the design of Meng products.
We offer several product series and also manufacture glass, acrylic, aluminium and stainless steel items to order. This variety reflects our customer oriented thoughts and actions and makes us the ideal partner for planners with an eye for details.
Numerous awards – up to the Federal Design Award – accompany us on our committed road to set standards in the field of innovative and functional design.
Of course, we also respect the ideas of other companies on the market and their trade mark rights. We expect the same from other suppliers and customers. This is why we support the initiative of the German industry against intellectual property theft without consequences.

Responsibility for man and nature
Resources are precious. The responsibility for our employees and the protection of their physical and mental health thus comes first for our company.
We consistently implement all aspects of security at the workplace. Naturally, clean and well-lit rooms and ergonomically designed workstations are part of that. In addition, we attach the greatest importance to friendly, helpful and honest dealings.
Of course, we observe and respect equal treatment in all areas, in the media, internal communication or personnel matters.
And our products also meet the highest ethical standards. Because "made in Germany" for us is more than just a label. Our sign systems are produced completely in Birkenfeld and the most important suppliers are based in the region. Moreover, we continuously strive to optimise the consumption of energy and raw materials.