meng Schildersysteme


Our own development department and production at the Birkenfeld locations allows short-term reaction to narrow deadlines and individual requirements of our customers. Speed and quality are possible only with this comprehensive vertical range of manufacture on our own premises:

Sheet metal processing
of aluminium, stainless steel and sheet steel. Shearing, trimming, bending, CNC milling, welding, drilling, sandblasting, engraving, painting, coating, gilding.
Aluminium-profile processing
Sawing, CNC milling, drilling, welding, anodising, painting, powder coating.
Welded constructions
made of steel, galvanised up to a height of 6 metres, made of aluminium and stainless steel.
Plastic processing
mostly as sheet material made of acrylic, in part of polycarbonate and PVC.
sawing, CNC milling, gluing, thermal shaping, 3D contours.
Paint shop
With our own colour mixing system with more than 3000 recipes for individual colour design in all RAL colours and Pantone shades. Still according to the NCS colour system and as graffiti protection coating.
With large digital prints on film or as UV print directly on solid materials as well as in screen prints and with adhesive film. Engravings and raised touch scripts for visually impaired people, Braille and relief letters. Facade logos made of stainless steel, aluminium and Plexiglas, illuminated letters and banners, customised light boxes with punched out script. Specialities in anodised printing.
of electronic displays, monitors and computers as media elements. Furthermore letterbox systems and brochure holders. Intercom systems, showcases for the exterior and interior. Processing of glass plates for glass sings, from glass door plates up to large glass steles.