meng Schildersysteme


Set a course with the illuminated tristan-series.
Combine aesthetic functionality and your own advertising with our bar table tristan and the light pillar isolde. Use them as multifunctional and mobile eyecatcher at Exhibitions, Events or in your Foyer.
These all-rounder are representable with or without illumination.
They are available in different versions and can cover all image issues with a simple exchange of there outfits. The frameless billboards are securely fixed and can be replaced easily. The three-sided concave stele match with the field of vision and support images in portrait Format. Several elements next to each other visually blend into one large picture. The tristan-Series combinates attractive optics with optimal endurance and exceptional production quality. You can rent or order the tristan-Series as a single piece or series. We can also provide the design and graphics for the billboards.
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