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Coolisse - multifunctional shelf

The stage for your creativity

How to collect all your multimedia in one space?
The coolisse is an innovative concept that allows freedom for your creativity without dominating the available space. It is a stage for your creativity where medial elements are quickly and easily interchangeable – almost tool free.

The push/fit structure is swiftly stacked together in the beam technique without time consuming alignments. To stabilize tension within the structure, merely a wrench is needed. It´s speed and flexibility makes it ideal for events and temporary exhibitions.

Within the slim design of 20 cm, the coolisse can present all forms of media. Starting with printed media, media players or serving as a power station for smart phones and laptops.

Thanks to architectural requirements and German industrial standards (DIN), the coolisse adapts and conforms to the specifications and dimensions on site. Available room height, ergonomic perspective and the accessibility for the handicapped determines the shelf height. The free standing, floor mounted coolisse allows for recesses and brochure bookrests, so that all media is accessible for wheelchair users.

The German industrial standard (DIN) shelf spacing of 420 mm and shelf width are defined through the economical use of materials. The optimized standard dimensions can be expanded or substituted by individual shelf lengths.

■ Individual shelf height is made possible by the differences in spacing and quantity of the shelves.
■ Wall mounted option
■ Floor mounted option with base or a stable 90° angled partition.
■ Suitable as room divider or noise barrier.
■ Available in natural or painted wood.
■ Presentation possible from one or both sides.

Modular system
■ flat screens ■ brochure shelves ■ poster boards ■ pin boards
■ glass magnet boards ■ soundproofing ■ sliding doors ■ showcases
■ backlit slides ■ light