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Signsystems - Digital Signage

Successful from Reykjavik to Shanghai...

globally committed for over 30 years


For 35 years, the name Meng has stood for high innovation potential and exceptional design made in Germany. This reputation is based to a large extent on the ability to recognize the potential of new technologies and consistently exploit it for our solutions.

Through the courage to break new ground, our company has established itself as one of the leading control system specialists since 1988 through Ingrid and Rainer Meng. Over the years, we have succeeded time and again in revolutionizing the sign market with a series of surprising product innovations. As early as 1990, we were the first European supplier to introduce the universally designed system rohr+fl├Ąche to the market. For the first time, this system enabled our customers to label door signs and overviews with self-made printouts. Today, our system is considered a worldwide standard. Continuous further developments followed - such as the integration of electronic displays into conventional guidance system elements.

By setting up our production site in Birkenfeld with a comprehensive metal processing, labelling department and our own paint shop, we are largely independent of suppliers and can react at short notice to tight deadlines and individual tasks of our customers.

To date, we have built up a nationwide network of 16 customer advisors and assembly teams, which is dedicated to the latest tasks, exchanges solutions and is consistently further educated in training courses. We also work with selected specialist consultants in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Denmark, Great Britain, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg. In the future we will continue to expand our network internationally.

Due to the quality and the services, which are unique in the industry, the solutions from Birkenfeld are highly regarded all over the world and are used in the Blue Lagoon in Reykjavik as well as in the Eurocampus in Shanghai.

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